Ep. 114: Sin City

Sin City – A Film Summary and review (Podcast Notes)

This is a listener requested film that I had not seen but enjoyed watching as a result.
Thank you to Doug out … Read the rest

Triple Feature: Cemetery of Splendor, I Saw the Devil, & Rampage

Hear me talk in this episode about hedonism, revenge horror, and humongous animals: this is the good stuff I have enjoyed in the past week or so watching movies. These films really … Read the rest

Body Horror, Podcasting & Banter w my Guest Rik Morgan

Body horror is one of the most disturbing types. In this episode we dialog about it. To imagine being maimed or disfigured with no ability to heal or change back is horrifying … Read the rest

Ep. 111: Beverly Hills Cop Franchise

Announcing another great guest! Hermione Flavia ( on twitter @hermioneflavia ) agreed to appear on the show and when we talked about movies to cover, she came up with “Beverly Hills Cop” … Read the rest

Ep. 110: Wake in Fright

“Wake in Fright” is a brutal, disturbing film with amazing acting that takes you on a journey you may wish you hadn’t. Martin Scorcese said, “It left (him) speechless.” I thoroughly enjoyed … Read the rest

Ep. 109: Charly and Limitless

My guest is Audrey Fox of 1001 Movies and Beyond and Rated M for McPhail podcast. She’s on twitter at: @audonamission (I love to read and listen to her stuff!) I … Read the rest

Ep. 108: Director Focus – Lars Von Trier


Hi listeners! My guest today is The Vern @cinema_recall & @videovangaurd

It always works wuite well when he guests.

I have 8 other guests lined up for the rest of the … Read the rest

Ep. 107: We Need to Talk About Kevin & The Conjuring 2

Lynne Ramsay, known for Morvern Callar (2002). Comments on IMDB seem to indicate that she has a small but devoted following. This movie could be considered what got her name into the … Read the rest

Ep. 106: The Man in the High Castle & Excision

In this one I review multi-award nominated “The Man in the High Castle” and the disgustingly cool horror film “Excision.”

I also make the announcement about how I am about to start … Read the rest

Ep. 105: Birdman & Melancholia

I look at two films that are open to interpretation.

Birdman: I recommend you see this movie with no presuppositions. Even the few small things I mention here should be seen as … Read the rest