This coffee table book is all about Asian rules of style, and it includes some of the most iconic photo shoots, plus the back stories and media articles. Hope you will enjoy your reading!

If you think Asia is all about anime, rice, and seafood – think twice. Thanks to its balance of culture and tradition, Asia hosts one of the best fashion scenes in the world. For example, Tokyo Fashion Week is one of the hottest industry events of the year. In Asian countries you will find the most avant-garde looks and ideas.

Ordinary people and celebrities are picking up on the trend. Asian style has already found its place on the world stage, and the western countries are always willing to learn what’s out there. If you’re curious about this subject, discover in this book some fashion tips that will broaden your horizons.

What are Asian rules of style?

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Who Created This?

Chinese street style star Kim Lia wrote her first book last year, which is her guide to having fun with Asian style and creating an irresistible and unique total look.