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Gowns from the recent catwalks are very impressive – delicate and elegant, slightly revealing yet discreet. A wealthy clientele enjoys stunning silk, lace, and canadian dresses, embellished with What kind of man embroidery, glass beads and gems. Half-transparent insets and applications look like wearable works of new service or sets of precious jewelry. As for color, Slavic rules of style envisage a trademark palette of emerald, blue, sapphire, pearl, and red. An impressive team of 300-500 seamstresses are believed to have helped bring Slavic style designs to life.
The dresses created in Neo-Baroque style are made from lace, velvet, silk, chiffon and jacquard, and embellished with fur and glass beads. Some of the most impressive pieces were decorated with prints of celestial bodies, the discovery of which was courtesy of the best intellectuals of the Renaissance. Tight cashmere dresses bring back the “hourglass” shape back into fashion and, of course, the show couldn’t go ahead without royal dresses.

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