S02E06: Donnie Darko, Raw, & A Nightmare on Elm Street

These are three horror films that work! Let me tell you why I think so.

S02E05: The Love Witch & It Follows

“The Love Witch” is film that looks like an homage to the 50’s and 60’s movies. I had a lot of fun watching it. It’s available to stream on Prime Video. “It … Read the rest

S02E04: Les Diaboliques (1955)

An abused, neglected wife and her husband’s jaded mistress plot the perfect murder.
I present you here with a “no spoilers review” of this film including a mini bio of the director, … Read the rest

S02E03: Insidious

This is one of my favorite horror films of all time. It still gives me the chills when I watch it and I have seen it numerous times. Director James Wan uses … Read the rest

Almost Famous (repost)

This is a rock film I never get tired of rewatching. If you haven’t yet, you need to see this. There’s a scene at the beginning of this film where the macro … Read the rest

S02E02: A Nightmare on Elm Street

So much works for this movie it’s kinda laughable I chose to talk about it. Every aspect of this film works. Still, it’s meaty horror/thriller stuff that I get excited about so … Read the rest

S02E01: A Quiet Place

This review/summary of “A Quiet Place” is the “Season Premiere” for season 2: “Why this _____ film works”. With 10 horror films in the pipeline, it should be a freakish place here … Read the rest

Ep. 117: Man on Wire, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Chimpanzee

This is a triple feature: I cover 3 documentaries that I love. This genre is not always the pick for movie buffs but I have a soft spot in my heart for … Read the rest

Ep. 116: Grey Gardens

In this episode I am joined by my return guest Hermione Flavia as we talk about fame, the film industry, and the 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens. We see here a mother and … Read the rest

Ep. 115: The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Unsane, and Possession

It’s another triple feature folks! I watched and reviewed a western, a thriller with a questionable twist, and a horror movie from 1981 with a skinny Sam Neil like you’ve never seen … Read the rest